Idea on protecting land via carbon credits

States are going to be required to reduce carbon emissions by more than 30 percent under new EPA rule  new federal regulations announced.
Did you know ​that carbon can be successfully soaked up by plants just by adding rich compost?
Here is some links to research that supports this idea.​
protect land

protect land with carbon offsets

​Power plants are going to be looking for ways to offset carbon but how much is a credit worth is the question.
Google is doing this now – buying offsets (The carbon offsets are measured in metric tons)
Your farm/land can actually sell offsets to companies in a marketplace and they go from $5 to $30 per ton of CO2. 
I am not sure how much more a land will generate if offset after applying compost to it, but the numbers look promising and if you can offset a few hundred thousand tons of CO2 per month you can make the mortgage payments for land and just let it be there, being a home for wild life, soaking up carbon, and doing what land does best….
If you are interested in this idea, here are more links I found via google that can be helpful
If this idea is economically viable, land can be preserved this way and we know that land is expensive in so this is a way to help preserve it.

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