Oil Companies threaten Endangered Bats – help them

Save Imperiled Bats from Destruction

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Urgent! Save imperiled bats from destruction!

Don’t let the gas and oil industry rollback federal protections!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is proposing to allow nine oil and gas companies to kill bats from five species, including endangered and threatened species, for 50 years. The Scoping period for a yet-to-be drafted Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is open for public comment through December 27, 11:59 pm. https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2016-28336/p-2

The endangered Indiana Bat, threatened northern long-eared bat, eastern small-footed bat, little brown bat, and tri-colored bat would be included in the “Incidental Take Permit”. The companies will have to prepare a “Multi-State Habitat Conservation Plan”.  The destruction of these bats and their habitat would include all stages of gas and oil exploration and development in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia including gas well sites, pipelines, access roads, frack pits and holding ponds.

The oil and gas industry is attempting to steamroll over current protections in the law that have spared these bats the loss of the trees and other habitats they require. For instance, prohibition of tree-cutting during critical stages of the bats’ life cycle can halt tree cutting for a gas or oil pipeline or fracking well pad. The shields now afforded these vulnerable animals can endanger the survival not only of individuals but of entire species struggling to survive. As the threat of a new era of drilling and fracking frenzy looms with the incoming federal administration, these bats need protection more now than ever.

Don’t let the industry get its way – we are the only defense these special creatures have!

There are five public meetings in the coming weeks at locations in PA, OH and WVA where a “brief presentation” about this will be made at 6:00pm and a public webinar on Dec. 20. Go here: https://www.fws.gov/northeast/ecologicalservices/hcp/oghcp.html

Please comment on the scope for the EIS by going to the link: LINK

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Idea on protecting land via carbon credits

States are going to be required to reduce carbon emissions by more than 30 percent under new EPA rule  new federal regulations announced.
Did you know ​that carbon can be successfully soaked up by plants just by adding rich compost?
Here is some links to research that supports this idea.​
protect land

protect land with carbon offsets

​Power plants are going to be looking for ways to offset carbon but how much is a credit worth is the question.
Google is doing this now – buying offsets (The carbon offsets are measured in metric tons)
Your farm/land can actually sell offsets to companies in a marketplace and they go from $5 to $30 per ton of CO2. 
I am not sure how much more a land will generate if offset after applying compost to it, but the numbers look promising and if you can offset a few hundred thousand tons of CO2 per month you can make the mortgage payments for land and just let it be there, being a home for wild life, soaking up carbon, and doing what land does best….
If you are interested in this idea, here are more links I found via google that can be helpful
If this idea is economically viable, land can be preserved this way and we know that land is expensive in so this is a way to help preserve it.